Learn How To Choose The Most Suitable Bubble Wrap For Packaging

Learn How To Choose The Most Suitable Bubble Wrap For Packaging

Now we have all come throughout bubble wraps in some unspecified time in the future in our life and we relate to them higher when remembering the fun that we had while popping those air bubbles. It is really therapeutic and offers immense happiness. They are really vital for offering cushioning to the contents and to ensure their security from exterior forces during transportation. The highly versatile nature of this packaging materials enables them for use over contents of any size and shape without compromising on the standard of packaging. However how do we determine probably the most suitable Air bubble for packaging? This is one question that has been intriguing e-commerce businesses because the fee factor related to the fabric typically turns into a queryable factor. There's a dire have to match the worth of the product to the price of the packaging material for the overall prices to be justified.

What are Bubble Wraps?

By definition, it's a pliable plastic packaging material which are clear and are commonly used in the packaging of fragile content. The "bubbles" are uniformly spaced with the bubbles being stuffed with air to supply cushioning. The shape of the bubbles is a hemisphere, and sheets that have bubbles on each sides are in truth sheets which were joined back to back. Generally used for protecting units throughout packaging or utilizing it as an inside cushion in envelopes.

Normal Specifications of Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps have standard dimensions that are designed in keeping with the most typical and widespread utilization of the packaging material. They arrive in four standard sizes -

· 1/8" - Super Small Bubble

· 3/sixteen" - Small Bubble

· 5/16" - Medium Bubble

· 1/2" - Large Bubble

These sizes do not point out the diameter of the sphere. Actually, they point out the height of the sphere as this is the factor that determines the extent of cushion that might be provided to the contents. The rolls are perforated throughout manufacturing at each 12" and the frequent width values for the rolls are 12" and 24".

Tips on how to Select the Most Suitable Bubble Bags?

This is a vital aspect of the packaging design process for retailers and e-commerce businesses. The first thing that you want to understand is that bubble wraps should not scratch resistant. So it ought to by no means be used for products that require scratch resistance.

For delicate and fragile gadgets, the perfect storing methodology entails wrapping with super small after which packing them in a secondary packaging (pouch made from small bubble wrap)

For rising the extent of safety for the contents, you should consider using a number of layers of wrap and then utilizing a tape to fix them in place. The top or protruding part of the bubbles ought to be packed against the content material for added cushioning.

For content material that's less fragile with medium / giant dimensions, then it is best to use medium bubble pouches.

The large bubble wrap variant is the most effective option for economically filling up voids inside massive boxes. This helps to keep the contents intact while minimizing the impact of shock on the contents.

For various necessities, it's best to use an excellent combination of bubble wraps that may be wrapped in numerous configurations to achieve the desired result.


Each e-commerce business has various requirements and it is vitally troublesome to get a typical manufacturer to supply such numerous packaging material. The most effective answer is to acquire these material from dealers who can fulfil the requirements in a cost effective manner. Since value is a very powerful side of any business, the use of bubble wraps and their mixtures need to be finished in tandem with appropriate price administration methods.